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Permanent LED Light Systems a Great Alternative to Outdoor Rope Lighting


Are you considering outdoor rope lighting? Rope lighting has become popular in recent years as a way of decorating and illuminating outdoor spaces. However, it has a number of disadvantages that can make them a poor choice over the long run. Many people who have experience with outdoor rope lighting are now looking for better, dependable, more versatile alternatives.


At first, installing rope lights seems simple, but it can be difficult to get the effect you want. For example, you may want to install lights along a stone path in the yard, but because rope lighting is prone to twisting, it can be hard to get the lights to look even or straight. The same holds true for placing rope lights along the eaves of the house. Working with rope lights often involves cutting, splicing, or soldering -- tasks that can be tricky unless you are a DIY enthusiast.


Rope lights are advertised as suitable for outdoor use, but depending on the product you choose, it can be affected by moisture, sun exposure, and other weather conditions. Often Canadian winter conditions cause rope lights to crack or to stop working altogether.


Permanent LED Strip Lighting


So what is the best alternative to rope lighting? The answer to that question may require thinking about why you want to illuminate your outdoor space. Most people like the idea of lights in the backyard or the garden in order to create a fun and festive atmosphere. In the summer, Canadians love to enjoy warm evenings barbecuing with friends, having drinks on the deck, roasting marshmallows over a terra cotta fire pit, or soaking in the hot tub. Outdoor lighting can help to make all of these kinds of experiences more fun and festive.


But what if you could install a hassle-free, dependable lighting system that would both light up your summer evenings and help you to celebrate special occasions all year long? Permanent LED strip lighting may be the solution you are looking for  your home.


The Advantages of Permanent LEDs


A permanent outdoor LED strip lighting system on your house can create the beautiful effect you want – and these systems are durable, dependable, long-lasting, and very versatile. You can choose a product from a Canadian company that is designed to withstand our northern climate; most will have a five-year warranty. In any case, LED lighting is known for its extreme durability; the average life of these systems is more than twenty years.


Permanent LED outdoor strip lights have the capability of producing hundreds of colour combinations as well as dynamic patterns. Make your lights twinkle, chase, flash, and change colour by using a simple remote, or an app from your smartphone.


On warm summer nights, your home lights can be set to cast a glow on backyard activities. During the holiday season, they can sparkle with festive colours. And almost any special occasion is a chance to light up the neighbourhood with fun.


In addition to strip lighting on the house, you can install individual LED lighting designed to put a warm glow on all of your favourite outdoor spaces. Recessed pot lights, mounted lamps, bright shoebox lights – the possibilities are virtually endless.


Don’t be frustrated with a low-quality rope lighting system. Alternatives to outdoor rope lighting are available by contacting a local company to find out more about permanent LEDs for your home!